Types of Fostering

Foster care placement can last for days, months or sometimes years. While some children return to their birth families, others may stay in foster care for long term or short term periods. There are therefore different types of placements depending on children’s needs.


Short term placements could involve a period of days, weeks, months or period of time up to two years. Short term placements are never initially planned to be long term or permanent. Prior to, or upon placement the viability of rehabilitation home is assessed by the child’s social worker and a plan is devised accordingly. This care plan is regularly reviewed through different forums, i.e. Statuary Reviews, Supervision and the Child Care Planning Panel. The review of all care plans includes consultation with the child/young person, parents and carer.



Sibling placements are for brother and sisters who all are placed together into a foster care household. We believe in keeping siblings together within a family environment unless it is deemed inappropriate by the placing Authority.



Occasionally the Local Authority referral is for a same day Emergency Placement or the Placement may be made during the night or at weekends. With such referrals there is often limited information available and it may be uncertain how long a Placement is to last. In such situations the Duty Officer will provide as much information as possible to the Foster Carer and ensure that a Placement Agreement Meeting is convened at the earliest opportunity to ensure that all information regarding the children and young people is shared and a Care Plan is put in place.



This type of placement requires that foster carers provide guidance and support to teenage parents before and/or after birth of their baby.


The Foster Carer may wish to take a child under a Long Term Fostering arrangement. In these circumstances the original home study assessment will be reviewed to reflect the Foster Carers ability to maintain a child’s placement until they are 18yrs and beyond. Long Term Foster Carers will then be re-presented at Ansacare Foster Panel and the Match between the Foster Carer and Child will be presented to the Local Authority’s Panel.



Unaccompanied young people come from different parts of the world, predominantly from countries in Africa and more recently from Afghanistan and Albania. We are particularly interested in recruiting people from within the relevant communities in Croydon who understand the cultural needs of these young people.
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About Ansacare

Ansacare Fostering Agency is an independent foster care provider established in 2010 and is registered as a limited company registered under the Companies Act 1985 (Company Registration No: 6997826). AFA was registered with Ofsted in 2010, with the aim of working to provide the highest level of professional expertise and quality care for children and young people in care.

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